12 December, 2023

Debunking 7 Eye Myths Your Mom Swore By

The world of eye care is often clouded by myths and misconceptions. Let's clear the air and debunk some of the most common myths about eyes and eyesight!

1. Reading in Dark or Dim Light Damages Your Eyes

While it's true that reading in low light can strain your eyes and cause discomfort, it won't cause any physical damage to your eyesight. Your eyes might feel tired or you could get a headache, but rest assured, there's no mechanical harm.

2. Contact Lenses Can Disappear Behind Your Eyes

Don't worry, your contact lenses won't wander off into the abyss behind your eyes. The structure of your eye prevents them from going any further than the surface.

3. Borrowing Glasses Causes Eye Damage

While wearing someone else's glasses might not improve your vision, it won't harm your eyes either. Just make sure to stick to your own prescription for activities like driving.

4. Excessive TV Watching Doesn’t Hurt Your Eyes

While TV won't physically damage your eyes, staring at screens for too long can lead to fatigue, dryness, and headaches. Remember to take regular breaks to give your eyes a rest.

5. Eye Exercises Won't Correct Vision

Unfortunately, no amount of eye exercises can alter the shape or size of your eyes. Glasses or contacts are the way to go for vision correction.

6. Iris Examination Reveals General Health

While optometrists can spot signs of certain health conditions during an eye exam, there's no scientific evidence that examining the iris reveals general health problems.

7. Holding Books Close Doesn’t Ruin Eyesight

Contrary to popular belief, holding books close won't damage your child's eyes. However, if they consistently sit too close to screens or books, it might indicate a vision issue that needs attention.

Bonus: Carrots and Eyesight

While munching on carrots won't give you superhuman vision, they do contain vitamin A, which is essential for eye health. A balanced diet rich in nutrients is key to maintaining good vision.

Remember, when it comes to eye health, separating fact from fiction is essential. Keep these myths in mind to ensure you're taking the best care of your eyes!

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