Choosing The Best Frame Size

June 30, 2021
Choosing The Best Frame Size

Choosing eyewear frames can be tough! We might have an idea in our heads of what looks great or what the current trend is, but this doesn’t always translate to how good it will look on our faces. We're not the fashion police by any means, but these tips could help make your next buying experience a little easier when shopping for glasses.


First things first, always try to have your frames fitted and adjusted by an optician who’s trained to do so. Your frames will fit better, and your spectacles' lenses will be positioned best so that they can deliver to you the best vision possible. The size of lens holding part of the frame, the distance across the nose-bridge and the length of the side arm of the spectacles (in that order), are usually stamped on the inside of the frame. It’s helpful to take note of these, so that if you have a particularly well fitting (or poorly fitting!) frame, you can quickly figure out which sizes fit you best.


Browse the wide selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses on Eyebou and see if anything tickles your fancy. All frames have the sizes listed under "specifications" which will help you figure out the fit.

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A great fitting frame will;

  • Ensure the weight of the frame is most evenly distributed across the nose bridge
  • The side arms of the frame won’t cause any unnecessary rubbing or pressure on your temples or your ears
  • Your eyes are aligned with the optical centres of your spectacle lenses so you can achieve the best standard of vision possible
  • Be stable on your face, without the need for you push them up your nose regularly

The fit of your frames becomes even more important the higher your prescription is. With higher prescriptions, your vision will deteriorate the further you look away from the optical centre of the lens, and the further the lenses sit from your eyes. It’s also important to note that the higher your prescription is, the thicker and heavier your spectacle lenses will be; so it’s in your best interest to look at selecting a frame that isn’t too big (width and depth wise) to keep your lens thickness and weight to a minimum.

Once you've got an idea of what type or shape of frames are suited for your face, you can try on a variety of frames using the Social Try-on feature in the Eyebou iOS app. The cool thing is that it's done virtually, which means you can do it right from your iPhone using its camera!

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