Eyebou: Fully Recyclable!

September 16, 2020
Eyebou: Fully Recyclable!

In keeping with our 2020 sustainability promise, Eyebou is now fully recyclable, from our packaging, to our contact lens blisters, foil and even...drum roll...our contact lenses! 


We have always believed that quality and affordable vision for our community should not come at the cost of our beautiful planet and we have worked hard since our launch to partner with reputable recycling companies to repurpose our output and have a fully recyclable ecosystem. 


Our contact lenses now have multiple life cycles. First and foremost they provide you with comfortable vision throughout the day, they then go on to be repurposed into useful household items. 

Eyebou’s recycling program is on offer for anyone using our contact lenses and other brands of contact lenses. This is because we want to make sure no contact lenses are unnecessarily flushed or thrown away when they can be recycled. 


It’s easy - all you have to do is:

1) Collect your used lenses, blisters (remove any remaining solution) and foil in an envelope 

2) Mail them to us at the following address:
Eyebou c/o Rapid Fulfillment
Unit 3 Henson Way
NN16 8PX
United Kingdom

3) We take care of the rest!


You can then rest assured that your lenses are not ending up where they shouldn’t. As a gift for recycling your lenses, keep your postage receipt and we will credit it back to your account for future orders. Here’s to more fish and less plastic. 

Note: Our outer boxes and contact lens boxes are already recyclable in mainstream recycling bins.