Eyebou Virtual Try-on Comparison

June 14, 2021
Eyebou Virtual Try-on Comparison

If you’re an optical store manager that wants to improve online sales, you’ll have heard of the benefits of making use of AR (augmented reality) technology, allowing your customers to accurately try on your frames wherever they are. Whether you already have a try-on feature or you're just researching, see how Eyebou Virtual Try-on compares to competitors and how this technology can transform your sales.

Why would I need this?

The eyewear industry uniquely straddles both medical & retail industries, making product personalisation and fit crucial. This provides a challenge for selling eyewear online. According to Vision Council’s 2018 Internet Influence report, 35% of shoppers want to try on products before purchasing, which jumps to 55% with reading glasses. Eyebou Virtual Try-On with digitised products eliminates this potential loss.

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Social Try-on

Eyebou’s Social Try-on functionality allowing multiple users to simultaneously try on eyewear products over a live video call is the first of its kind in the eyewear industry. 70% of Americans seek other opinions before making a purchase according to the Mintel flagship report ‘American Lifestyles’ (2015) and allowing friends, family or even a sales staff member into this space allows for a uniquely fun shopping experience that would prove to be critical in the decision making process.

Download the Eyebou iOS app along with a friend, and Try Social Try-on for yourself!

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So how does Eyebou Virtual Try-on shape up? 



Eyebou Virtual Try-on



AR (augmented reality) real time view, with ability to scroll through multiple products

The customer records a short video of themselves turning their head from side to side, mimicking the movement a customer would do if they were trying on frames in person. To add scale, the customer holds up any card from their wallet to their forehead.


Tiered pricing based on company size

Free for companies with <1000 unique visits (excluding modeling)

Base pricing regardless of company size

+-US$3000 per month (excluding modeling)



User has to position and record movements

Average set-up for user

1-3 seconds

45-55 seconds for initial recording

Social Try-on

Yes, up to 8 friends


Social media implementation

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat


Available for web and mobile app integration




Scalable from 10cm close-up to 1m distance from device

Static view of only head and shoulders view

Fit and positioning

Tracking of the entire face - reference points are tracked to position the eyewear accurately. 

3D reconstruction of each customer’s face which requires slow movement of the head to capture video.


Lighting cannot be calculated with a real time feed, therefore frames may seem unrealistic in low light environments.

Lighting is calculated based on each customer’s face, creating realistic shadows on the customer’s face.

Ease of use

Loaded frames are cached on the user’s device, allowing for quick access when viewed again. Users can scroll through multiple products and shop with friends.

Recordings are saved and can be used over and over for users to try on as many frames as they like.


Works across most browsers and on native apps

Works across all major browsers and on native apps.

New frames

Uses existing imagery and a single measurement to create digital versions for virtual try-on.

Uses existing imagery and a single measurement to create digital versions for virtual try-on.



Eyebou’s Virtual Try-on is an AR tool with fully-fledged real time tracking, low barrier to entry and seamless user experience. This will allow your customers to accurately try on your frames in real time and experience a Social Try-on feature which is built for users to get a second opinion on their frames whilst they are shopping, leading to higher sales. There is currently no other AR try-on service that offers Social Try-on with others.

Non AR technology is a good tool for virtual-try on, but at the expense of a lengthy start up time for the user that causes high drop-off rates. For startups, boutiques and small companies, accessibility to this technology could be expensive which is why we offer tiered pricing to cater to all business sizes.

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