Eyebou x Tim Howell

November 19, 2020
Eyebou x Tim Howell

We’re extremely proud to announce the official Eyebou x Tim Howell collaboration. Tim is a former Royal Marine Commando turned elite Alpinist, Wingsuit BASE jumper and skier.


From trekking through snowy mountains to being the first person in history to do a wingsuit descent in Vietnam, these extreme activities require the clearest, most comfortable vision, which is why Tim chooses to wear Eyebou vitamin daily lenses every time you see him flying through the air. Not only that, but Eyebou x Tim Howell will also see the creation of a very unique, limited edition pair of frames that’ll accompany him around the world. Make sure you download the Eyebou app to stay notified of when they’ll be released.

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To kick off Eyebou x Tim Howell, we asked him a few questions about his adventures so that you can get to know him a little better:


We’re super excited to officially be joining you as part of your adventures, Tim! Can you tell us more about what it means to be an Alpinist and what led you to it?

I’ve always been motivated by a challenge and outdoor adventures from an early age. My dad had a big part to do with this. Becoming an Alpinist was a natural progression for me from rock climbing, it became the next challenge. Climbing the North face of the Eiger is what really started my alpine climbing career. When I started to learn to BASE jump I knew I would take these new skills to the alpine environment. 


How important is your eyecare for you, and how does it affect your day-to-day?

I mean it’s pretty much as important as it gets, when you’re flying a few metres away from rocks at 120 mph! I need to make sure my eyes are working as well as they can be. I spend a lot of time in demanding environments; deserts, mountains and jungles so it’s important I have contact lenses I can rely on that are healthy for my eyes. 


What does Eyebou x Tim Howell mean to you?

I’m very happy to be supported by a brand that is such high quality. It was my go to choice for contact lenses before we started this new relationship. To me it's always important to believe in the product if you are endorsing it. 

You were the first person to have done a wingsuit BASE jump in Vietnam as well as off a UK mountain, what kind of planning goes into something like that especially since no one has done it before?

I could say that the training and planning for these started 10 years ago when I started skydiving. Each step along the way had given me experience and the skills to be able to plan and execute something like that. There is something very special about being the first person to do something, mainly because of the conviction it needs to be able to take the metaphorical and physical leap. 


Adrenaline aside, what are some of the vast cultures you’ve experienced around the world? With your experience, you must view that aspect of life very differently?

My travels have seen me all over the world often in remote parts of the country. Not many people are looking for the steepest cliff which means I’m often off the tourist track. I find I get a lot more authentic experiences with local culture and people this way, which I greatly appreciate. In Mozambique we used local workers to help facilitate our expedition and in Vietnam we hiked through a community of “hmong” mountain people. I’m sure they had never had tourists walk their mountain tracks normally only used for their bamboo plantations. 


What’s the most memorable thing you’ve ever done?

I think that would have to be a BASE jump I did in Greenland. It was my last day on a month-long trip in the Southern Fjords. There was a sea cliff that looked out to a bay of icebergs and a sunset that never really set. I jumped and flew my parachute over the sea where I saw two whales breaching the surface. I was so much in awe I messed up my landing pattern and had a really rough landing. I lost the footage of the jump, and was quite content just knowing and remembering what had happened. Six months later I found the footage, which to be honest was a huge relief!  


What is your main takeaway from your adventures? What is the satisfaction that you gain at the end of the day?

The satisfaction is always being able to execute a plan so well that everything goes smoothly. To be able to complete a goal with all the preparation and training having paid off and not just get away with a near miss but get the job done with a big margin. 


Where are your adventures taking you to next?

Hopefully catching up with all the plans I had for this year. Iran, Namibia, Mount Kenya, Faroe Islands. A few places which have never been jumped. Most of my big expeditions need a recce trip to plan and understand the logistics, a few years ago we went to Mount Kenya and I have unfinished business there so I plan to go back as soon as possible. 


Lastly, is there anything that you want to say in Q&As that you don’t really get the chance to? Now’s your chance to say it!

I often have people telling me about their dream goal, if you really want something bad enough for it to be a dream then it’s worth the sacrifice and effort in making it happen, if you don’t need to sacrifice or put much effort into achieving your dream, then dream bigger. 


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