Providing Eye Care to over 2,000 Children

March 7, 2023
Providing Eye Care to over 2,000 Children

Life is a beautiful journey, but it can also be incredibly challenging at times. Inequality is never fair, but when it comes to healthcare, it can be especially unjust. It's hard to reconcile the fact that some children have unlimited access to healthcare while others are left without basic rights, such as access to eye care.

This is why I was delighted to work alongside the brilliant minds at Eyebou, UNICEF, and Aldeas Infantiles SOS to bring eye care to over 2,000 children in Colombia who would have otherwise gone without. After conducting screenings, we found that just over 30% of these children had some sort of visual issue or potential eye health problem - that's 669 children who needed help.

AllSee is the new sub-brand of Eyebou that will be used to house our social impact work moving forward in order to build out partnerships and our machine learning technology in a more concise manner.

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The system we developed at Eyebou involves app-based screening tools that are easy to use and require no medical background or training. This technology allows for the capture of data on a large cohort of patients quickly and effectively, which is then sent directly to a clinician for analysis and grading.


This method cuts out the obstacles that can stand in the way of people receiving eye care, and reduces strain on clinical services both in the field and in clinical environments. Now, only a third of the 2,000 children identified as needing spectacles or other clinical interventions require transport to a clinic. This serves as a much more accessible gateway to eye care, and anyone with an iPhone can perform the assessment.

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Everyone deserves access to eye care, and this is a principle that we're excited to collaborate on globally so that we can make it a reality. Working together, we have the power to give children the means to see the world in all its beauty, whether that means seeing the leaves on a tree for the first time or just being able to see the classroom blackboard more clearly. It's a privilege to be able to contribute to something so meaningful, and I'm excited to see where this work takes us in the future.

This article was written by Mai Monavar, Eyebou's lead optometrist.