Relensing Glasses: Convenient and Ethical

January 31, 2023
Relensing Glasses: Convenient and Ethical

Many of us have experienced the dilemma of deciding whether to buy a new frame or relens (fitting new lenses to) our current ones after a difference in prescription during an eye appointment. While some practices may push us to purchase a new frame, others may not allow us to relens unless it's their own brand, making the decision frustrating and expensive.

Relensing our existing frames offers both economic and environmental benefits. It saves us money, especially when our prescription is high or complex, as the lens technology becomes more sophisticated and costly. Moreover, it helps reduce waste and supports sustainability, as we don't contribute to fast fashion but rather to a more ethical and cyclical approach.

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To encourage a more conscious and sustainable approach, perhaps we should make a pact to relens our current frames and be more mindful when choosing our initial frames by opting for recycled and biodegradable materials instead of plastic.

At Eyebou, we offer a competitive relensing service for any frame. The process is convenient and hassle-free, as you can place your order online, receive a mailing label via email, and have your frames returned directly to you without visiting an optician. All you need is an up-to-date prescription, which you can easily obtain by booking an appointment with one of our optometrists.

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Our relensing options include blue light and anti-reflective lenses, as well as polarized and photochromatic lenses. The process is so easy, you can see what other customers have had to say about it on Trustpilot. There's no reason to wait to see better. Start relensing your existing frames today!

This article was written by Mai Monavar, Eyebou's lead optometrist.