See What They Say - Kyan

November 6, 2020
See What They Say - Kyan

If there’s one thing more important to Eyebou than providing top notch contact lenses and eyewear, it’s making sure that we deliver the best customer service. As Ken Blanchard put it, "Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create raving fans".


We’re not the type to toot our own horn, so instead we reached out to one of our loyal customers, Kyan, to ask her some questions about what her experience has been like with Eyebou so far.



Hey Kyan! Please tell us a bit about yourself - where are you based and what work do you do?


Hello! I live in London and work as a criminal barrister.


How important is your eyecare for you, and how does it affect your daily life?


My eyecare is so important! As a barrister, my work is primarily in court, where it’s incredibly important that I can see people’s reactions and responses from far away so I can gauge how they are viewing my clients and how best to represent them. I feel totally lost without my lenses.


What is it about Eyebou that stood out most for you?


I have complete trust in Eyebou, and know that my best interest is their priority. Communication has been A+. I also love the simplicity of the design.


Which product did you order, and is it something completely different to other contact lenses you've tried before?


I ordered the original daily contact lenses. Theoretically they are no different to what I have used before, but I do sense an increase in the quality and comfort. My eyes are less tired than they used to be in the evenings, which is a huge bonus.


If you could summarise Eyebou in 3 words, what would they be?





Here’s the thing, Kyan is one of the many happy customers we have, and you’ll be hearing more from them in the future! We’d love to hear from you too and what you think about Eyebou. Head on over to our Trustpilot page to submit your review.

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