Our telehealth services

We offer access to speak to a UK registered optometrist via our telehealth platform. You can avoid commutes, waiting rooms and taking risks. By providing access to primary vision care through our app you can speak to an optometrist and receive specialist care - fast.

Our at home eye tests

Screen your vision from the comfort of your home. We have developed vision screeners to validate existing prescriptions, detect below average vision, screen for visual abnormalities such as strabismus in children and to monitor any existing visual distortions all from 1 device - your smartphone or tablet.

Your eye health

Any issues identified by our vision screeners can be discussed digitally with a UK registered optometrist and referred if needed.

Optometrists can also advise on over the counter prescriptions or prescribe medication where appropriate.

What to expect

  • Tell us what you need

    Choose your appointment and the time that suits you

  • Consult with an optometrist

    Talk through your symptoms and possible treatments

  • Mind at ease

    Understand how to resolve your issue and pick up any medication from a local pharmacist