Our Team

At Eyebou, we have world class engineers, researchers, optometrists and ophthalmologists to create tele-health that is reliable, accurate and scalable.

Our technology

We have developed several eye screeners to validate existing prescriptions, detect below average vision, to screen for any abnormalities such as strabismus in children, to monitor any existing eye conditions all from 1 device - your smartphone or tablet.

Any identified issues can be discussed remotely with a UK registered optometrist and referred if needed.

Our vision

We aim to make our technology available for collaborations in order to get it to the people who need it most. With 1 billion people globally not receiving the eye care they need, the impact on education, economic development and quality of life is immeasurable.

There is work to be done and we hope to be active contributors in this space.

Get involved

If you are an NGO, international organisation or similar institution working in health, education or with vulnerable people please get in touch.

We would love to find a way to work together.

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